Metro Med, the superhero hospital

Yes, it's true! The rumors are true! Metro Med, the ongoing series, begins May 2014!

Here's a "Sneak Peek" at the cover, by Paris Cullins and Dave Elliott. Actually, sneaking a peek is what's happening here, too!

Metro Med #1 cover



Metro Med, The Superhero Hospital is the latest project from Michael Hutchison.

Metro Med won the 2004 Small Press Idol, a talent competition for independent comic book creators. As the winners, the first 8-page story was published in Mysterious Visions Anthology #1. An ashcan edition, Metro Med #0, debuted the summer of 2005. A 36-page Special Edition #1 was published in 2008.

In 2014, Metro Med is finally being printed in full color, with new storylines that will continue into future issues...and a cover by Paris Cullins! Look for preview art and more information in April 2014!

What's It About?

Metro Med is the only hospital in the world specially suited for the treatment of superheroes, supervillains and other strange and supernatural individuals. Metro Med is centrally located on an island in the middle of the East coast Tri-Metro, a megalopolis formed by the bay cities of bustling New Athens, colonial Libertyville and blue collar Bud City.

The ongoing series will introduce you to dozens (and eventually hundreds) of intriguing patients as they walk in, fly in, or are brought in by their teammates. However, the real stars of the book are the Metro Med staff, normal human beings who must treat patients who may be bristling with radioactivity or capable of taking out a wall with an involuntary muscle movement.

The staff is led by Dr. Chet Clancy, an administrator whose reason for founding the hospital is tied to a disastrous incident 15 years earlier (as revealed in our first story). Other members of the medical staff include Dr. Angela Lucas, a psychiatrist who counsels the superheroes and their families, and superhero specialist Dr. Milt Bradford.

Of course, no hospital could function if it only serviced superheroes. As it is centrally-located between the three cities of the Tri-Metro, Metro Med is uniquely situated to handle the civilian victims of superhuman-related disasters and other crisis situations, and it is a world-renowned care facility.

Metro Med's vulnerability to supervillain attack or infiltration is the staff's greatest concern, which is why Security Chief Jules Howitzer has assembled a team of the world's best-trained security personnel. Their job is to be "the superheroes to the superheroes", protecting the world's protectors when they are at their most vulnerable.

New Additions to the Site!

The Character pages have been updated with new pinups and bios, with more about the superheroes Magnitude, XLR-8, Sgt. Patton and the Happy Campers and the Teen Terrors, all of whom made their debut in the Metro Med Summer Special #0, August 2005.

Learn More

See the pinup image and synopsis, then read the first two pages online. You can also check out the ComicSpace Gallery:

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Metro Med Special Edition #1 is available at IndyPlanet.

You can also purchase them from Too Many Longboxes, our comic sales site.

Michael and Phil have worked together for years, first as staffers of Fanzing Magazine, then as a comic book creative team in the pages of Job Wanted #1 and Shooting Star Comics Anthology #4. In addition to Metro Med, both of those books are available for purchase.


Metro Med, Tri-Metro cities, Metro Med logo and all characters are ™ Michael Hutchison 2004-2011. Metro Med logo design created by R. B. Propst. Character designs by Phil Meadows except where specified.